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Updated July 16, 2005





Standalone with Blade (from a post at Bladex by Josh)

Here is how to load an abritrary level. We will call this level "foo" for this example. Replace "foo" with something for your level.

1. Create a directory under BoD/maps for your level called "foo".

2. Copy your level data to that directory. (*.bw, *.mmp files).

3. Create a foo.lvl file (look at one of the other .lvl files for an example.)

4. Create a file in the level directory. format

5. Create a file in the level directory. format

6. Start BoD in console mode.

7. In the console window, type Bladex.LoadLevel("foo")

That's it, your level should now load. You may want to edit the initial position of the character to be a valid starting position. That is the "0, 0, 0" paramteres in the file mentioned above.

Playing the Level with GLADIATOR

Gladiator 0.92 by Josh
(, 409k from BladeX)

For more information see this page at BladeX


If you have BodLoader installed, then install Gladiator as a mod, and the level as a map. Ensure that you have supplied a levelname.glad file, and it will then be automatically shown in Gladiator's Map Select screen.

Load Custom Map in BODLOADER 0.41

BodLoader0.41 by Masklin
(link from Masklins page)

BL readme.txt

To load a compiled map, you only have to copy it into BODLoader\Maps\levelname\. Then, use the Load Custom Maps feature to install the map and play it.

BodLoader will create the necessary default files for use with your map if it doesn't find them. Default values are used for world dome (casa_d.mmp), and start position (0,-1500,0). It also looks for any .mmp files in the BODLoader\Maps\levelname\ dir and loads those if found. If you use the texture sets from the game you will need to supply a .lvl file.

NOTE: I would recommend that you supply the following files with all levels:

levelname.lvl - .bw, defines textures and world dome - with execfile("") for objects, torches, etc. - to specify start position

optional: for sun and for water

These are the standard files that Blade needs, and BodLoader will use your files if they are found.