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Updated July 16, 2005




Assorted Notes on LED
Assorted Notes on LED: (stuff i need to put somewhere else...)

Theory of operation: the sectors are actually the SPACES in the map. so if you wanted a 20-unit-high wall at one edge of your area (area floor height 0), you would create a sector with a floor height as high as you wanted the wall, say 20, and the ceiling height would be the top of the level (sky), say 50.)

Multiple selection: you can multiple select sectors (hold CTRL), then change properties and it will effect all selected sectors. this multiple-property-changing also works with walls, but as always remember to hit return after each entry (even then the fields revert to *, but it works)

Selecting just one object: if you are in select edges (walls) mode, and double-click on an edge that is part of 2 sectors, you get a popup asking which sector the wall is part of and then selects only that wall. this also works with vertices and sectors.

Start position: to set the starting position for the player (or preview) go to Tools/Initial Point: i find that position- x=0 y=0 z=3 and orientation- x=1 y=0 z=3 work well as defaults but it depends entirely on your map. the starting position is marked with an X on the map editing screen.
Remember that the start position in a map used with Gladiator is defined in levelname.glad.

Interface: in LED when you are editing maps, you can see edges in spaces represented with dark red lines, and edges bordering solid areas with brighter red lines.

Matching Vertices: when creating a room or area, think about what doors windows etc. that you want to add, and put in vertices where the adjoining sectors will be. this will make everything easier later, and it also seems like LED and Blade both like for any adjoining sectors to have the same vertices on shared edges.
the compiler will compensate for unmatched vertices, but LED and the game and monsters seem to work better if this is avoided.
when compiling, if you receive ADVISO:repetido de sector messages, then this is caused by 2 sectors sharing a wall but not having matching vertices. (?)

OpenGL mode crashes: i have found that if you try to start opengl mode with a map loaded but nothing selected then it will crash. this may only apply to my computer, but if you are having problems with opengl mode, then trying this may solve it.