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Updated August 08, 2005



Blade Textures for LED Editing                           - May - 2001                     DOWNLOAD


GEN MMP allows you to make your own .mmp file.

It is very complex to select the appropriate textures for a map without the
bmp files. Lerfox13 (12+1 in the RAS forums) has captured for us almost all
the main map textures from the BAB tool. The bmp screenshots for mmp
files are:

   MMP          Size (KB)

   3arena       1.394
   arena5         541
   arena7         637
   barb         2.517
   barramaya       51
   btomb        2.981
   casa         1.251
   castle       1.164
   chaos        3.032
   defile       3.264
   desert       2.594
   dwarf        2.901
   ice          2.101
   island       3.259
   king           252
   labyr        2.960
   mine         2.711
   nobjs        1.261
   orcst        2.759
   palace       2.145
   ragnar       2.608
   ruins        3.089
   skl            198
   tomb         2.657
   tower        2.749
   tutorial     2.209
   vid            320
   vid-tower      121
   volcano      2.640

you can get this files and asociated resources at url:

The internal textures names used in LED are very confused, so we have decided
to reorganize the bmps. 

The following categories have been created:

 o ARC - Arcos: arches and doors. (4.701KB)
 o EXT - Exteriores: outdoors, cliffs,... (4.901KB)
 o MAD - Madera: Wood. (4.747KB)
 o MET - Metal: Metal. (462KB)
 o MOT - Motivos: ornamental elements, fretworks,friezes...without visible
         wall. (4.745KB)
 o MUR - Muros: simple walls. (10.986KB).
 o MUA - Muros con adornos: walls with ornamental elements. (10.578KB)
 o SYT - Suelos y techos: floors and roofs. (10.803KB)
 o VID - Vidrieras: windows :) (695KB)
 o VAR - Varios: others. (908KB).
 The bmps has been distributed among these categories. It is possible that
 some textures are not well classified and they can be repeated. There are
 several versions of some textures with different saturation grades, gamma
 settings,... but we have preferred not to eliminate none.
 The bmps has been renamed with the following format:

    CLS     : is the class/category.
    nnn     : is a sequential number.
    MMPName : is the source MMP file name.
    RASName : is the original RAS name for the texture.
We have also created a catalog in PDF format (Acrobat 4.0 required) with
all the available textures, very useful to choose one. And two reference
charts to help to convert the names of the textures.

Finally, we have created a python script ( to generate easily
our own mmp file:

  1. Copy at ..\Compilers\Textures Compiler folder.
  2. Modify to point BODHome to the folder where you have
     installed Blade (for python lib stuff).  
  3. Make a ..\Compilers\Textures Compiler\mymap subdirectory.  
  4. Copy the selected textures (bmps)into mymap folder.
  5. Start BAB and use the console to write:
  	import genmmp
  	genmmp.process ('mymap')
  6. You wait until all the textures are processed to write:
  6. You have a mymap.mmp file and mymap.dat file into mymap folder. You
     can use these files with LED as the originals MMPs from RAS. The
     internal names used in LED are CLSnnn: ARC001, VID007,...
We hope it is useful. It has been a quite expensive work. By the way,
maybe it is not legal. As always, if RAS doesn't like it... we stop it.

Lerfox13 and Masklin

###### to make truecolours
Registered User
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(3/17/03 11:12 am)
Reply 	Bab Well when i put in the (l1) file "TrueColourAlpha"

((l1 ,"TrueColourAlpha"))

Then it give me a errro message somtihing like cano't open file.
But with TrueColour and the rest i've done it at the same way and it worked.

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(3/17/03 1:58 pm)
Reply 	Re: Bab Hmmmmmmmm.........try this:

If it isn't that then make sure the bitmap names in the code
match the actual bitmap names exactly. Its all to easy to
get them slightly wrong .