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Updated July 11, 2005



The Developers at Work - The whole team

Severance/Blade has been in development for several years now and looks to be one of the most ambitious and unique game ever created. Through this ongoing article, we'll let you take a closer look on what's going on behind the scenes, to learn more about the developers and how they work at Rebel Act Studios

Rebel Act Studios
Rebel Act was created in 1996 by the Spanish game distribution company, Friendware. The development team consists of over 18 people, including Xavier Carrillo as the project manager.

The Developers
Here is a sorted list of all the currently featured developers. The latest additions are always listed first, and each link will take you to a new page with a detailed description of their work on Blade and a picture taken directly from the according developer's desktop.


arturo justo ibanez

carlos garcia cordero

daniel delgado

enric alvarez

fernando del ama

javier rollon moran

jose raluy

juan diaz bustamante (1)

juan diaz bustamante (2)

luis miguel quijada

manuel ruiz montes