The Author of this text is : Anton Kibalnik

- Introduction -

      Hey everyone. The guide is done. Yey. I actually have a thing or
two to fix here and there, and the weapons section is not quite
complete (dwarf crap), but these are minor things that I can't really
fix now anyway. There might be a minor update or two later on, but for
now consider this thing done. *Wipes sweat off forehead.* I kind of
wish I never wasted my time on this thing in the first place. But I get
people emailing me everyday thanking me. So I guess it was worth the
effort. I did this all for you - my fans. Sorry for the huge delay, but
I'm a high school senior with lots of thing to do. Time to get on with
the rest of my life... *Dizzy, blind, and flabby, gets up from his own
pool of sweat from the chair and leaves the room for the first time in

Version Info

Version 1.0 - Current Version (12-6-03)
- Completed the Letters from You, FAQ, and Did you Know... sections.
(These will never be finished as I'll probably always be adding to
- COMPLETED THE WALKTHROUGH. It's done. Finally. Wohoo.
- Proofread the guide and changed a thing or two there.

Version .95 (8-6-03)
- Finished walkthrough for Temple of Ianna and added to the Fortress of
Nemrut walkthrough.
- Wrote walkthrough for Tower of Dal Gurak and started on the Abyss.
- Loosely started a FAQ, Did you know..., and Letters from You sections.

Version .9 (7-15-03)
- Finished Weapons section.
- Wrote walkthroughs for Oasis of Nejeb, Temple of Al Farum, Forge of
Xshathra, and started on Temple of Ianna.
- Started the Did you know... section.

Version .8 (5-30-03)
- Made a second map for Marakamda and completed its walkthrough.
- Wrote walkthroughs for Tombs of Ephyra, Island of Karum, Shalatuwar
Fortress, Gorge of Orlok, and started on Fortress of Nemrut.
- Rewrote small parts of the guide and updated the Weapons section.

Version .7 (12-05-02)
- Organized the guide.
- Added the Version Info, Weapons, and You Know You've Been... sections.
- Rewrote Why I Like Bod section and proofread the guide.
- Completed walkthroughs for Kashgar, Fortress of Tell Halaf, and Mines
of Kelbegen.
- Made a map for the beginning of Marakamda and started on its

Version .5 (9-29-02)
- Completed the first two parts of the guide.
- Wrote walkthroughs for Tabriz and Kazel Zalam.

The Story

      The Lord created Chaos, and divided it in two parts, the Light
and the Darkness. He gave to them life and thought, and so were born
the Spirit of Light and the Prince of Darkness. But the Prince held the
unspoken desire of supplanting his Father. He learnt in secret the
language of Creation and tried to create a new being. But the newborn
would not accept the commands of the Prince of Darkness, and growing
stronger, took part of his own essence and created terrible monsters
and demons. The Lord and the Prince of Light tried to stop it, and they
waged a great war. Gradually, the being was weakened and finally
defeated, but after this the Father was exhausted, and withdrew into
the depths of the Universe.
      The younger Gods, proud of the victory, completed the creations
of their Father, giving shape to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.
However, the Prince of Darkness attempted to corrupt the souls of the
fledgling race of man, amidst the confusion of a new war incited by
dark creatures of his own creation. The Earth was in a moment of
extreme danger, so one of the younger daughters, Ianna, cast a powerful
spell that expelled the gods from their dwelling place and kept the
Earth closed to them. The Spirit of the Light went to the Sun and from
there protected the Earth during the day. Ianna went to the Moon, to
protect it during the night. Thus began the cycle of Day and Night, and
a new age of balance was born over the Earth. But all of the gods'
creations remained, leaving mankind to contend alone against the
darksome fiends.
      The struggle continued for many years, until a young hero emerged
to defy the Darkness. He was chosen by Ianna to wield the Sacred Sword,
and fought the Evil in its own lair. The Darkness was defeated, but the
hero was mortally wounded, and his friends buried him with his Sword in
the Temple of Ianna.
      But all that was long ago... Now, something strange is happening.
The signals are clear. Foul creatures are awakening from their
dormancy, and spreading terror and destruction... The Darkness has
returned, and the end is near. A new hero is needed, a chosen one who
will wield the Sword, and destroy the Enemy forever...

Bla bla bla. Does this actually mean anything? Probably not.

Why I Like Blade of Darkness

      This is the first guide that I have written. This doesn't mean
that BoD is my favorite game. I just felt like it wasn't getting as
much attention as it should be. Anyway, this is why I decided to write
this guide.

- Graphics/Engine -
      The engine of Blade of darkness is simply beautiful. The physics
and environment are just incredible. I've never seen a prettier sun
shining at while I enjoy the crisp, fresh air. Or I've never been in a
gloomier dungeon with such realistic torchlight. The reflections on
water are perfectly cast. Shadows are exactly the way they should be.
Sometimes, you will find yourself carrying torches for no other reason
but to see your own, realistic shadow. The lighting effects in BoD are
the best by far that I've ever seen. If you can find a game with light
more realistic than this, please let me know.

- Gore/Realism -
      Another great thing that BoD gives is the highly realistic, and
naturally sadistic gore. Again, if you can find a game with more
realistic gore, please let me know. There is so many ways to kill an
enemy. Want to cut of its head and watch blood squirt out of the neck?
Then go for a high slash. Or, you can go for the sides and cut off its
arm to watch it die in agony. You might end up cutting off the wrist
and find it by a trail of blood sometimes 15 meters away! And you can
even chop 'em up while there are dead on the ground. Cut of a limb if
you wish and use it to beat your next enemy. I know that this is a bit
sadistic, but it's fun too! I enjoy a good amount of realism in a game.

- Music -
     Wow. Music in games doesn't get much better than this. The music
composed for BoD is incredibly atmospheric. It fits the current
situation perfectly. The music is pulsating and exciting when you are
in battle. When you are exploring ancient tombs and deserted areas
rich, ambient music adds to the already wonderful environment. Some of
the melodies are so wonderful, I often listen to them when I'm not in
the game. There are about thirty different tunes in Blade of Darkness.

- Combat -
      This is probably the best of Blade of Darkness. Each battle is
epic. With each enemy you have to take your time and plan your strategy
of attack, because running at them with your sword swinging will simply
get your head dismembered. A lot of people were drawn off by the games
awkward and difficult way of fighting. They complained about the uneasy
controls. Well, I don't think that it is awkward at all. It is very
similar to a fighting game: attack when the enemy is not blocking,
block when the enemy is attacking. You will need to learn your enemy's
tactics and movements, and then find out what their weaknesses are.
Blade of Darkness is a combination of fantasy, rpg, fighting, and
adventure. Sometimes, I find myself looking for the next enemy just so
I can chop it up. I found the combat addictive and difficult at the
same time.

- Why is BoD not that great of a game then? -
      From all these great comments it would seem that BoD is one of
the best games ever made. But unfortunately, the game is greatly
flawed. The major flaw: lack of an involving storyline. The story is so
weak you will often get bored. You'll ask yourself, "What am I doing
here? Why am I going from place to place killing things?" Aside from
that, there are no memorable moments in BoD, nothing to get you
excited, nothing to add depth to the gameplay. The levels, although are
neat looking, do not have anything interesting in them. Find the key,
activate the switch, etc... You will spend most of your time wondering
aimlessly killing things or enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

- Various Information -

      Besides writing the walkthrough, I have decided to add this
section. You'll find a lot of useful information that you can't get in
a walkthrough. This is helpful if you want to quickly look up something
for an enemy or a weapon. Plus, the Combat Tactics section will help
with defeating the difficult enemies of Blade of Darkness.

The Characters

      One of the best things about Blade of Darkness is that you have
four different characters to choose from: the knight, the dwarf, the
Amazon, and the barbarian. Each one has different movements and combos.
Also, the first level of each character is different, as they start off
each from a different path, and the story line changes slightly for
each character. That is why the replay value is so high in this game.
You will often want to play the game through again right after beating
it just to see how you would manage with a different character.
      I liked all the characters except for the dwarf. I don't really
have a favorite character, because sometimes I want to play with
Sargon, others I want to play with Tukaram. But if I had to pick one,
it would probably be the knight. I think most people like the

The Knight
Name: Sargon
Life: 100
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Age: 40
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Specialty: One-handed swords and shields
Information (from the game): Men of arms, the success of the King's
Knights is based on their organization, their knowledge of the art of
war and their superior armaments both in attack and defense.

- Description -
      This was my favorite character. I think that the creators of BoD
spent the most time on him. He is the first character that comes up
when you start a new game.
      He has a perfect 100 health, giving him an even 1000 or 3000
later on in the game. He can wear the most amount of armor and use the
most amounts of weapons (intended for him). By that I mean he can use
most weapons skillfully, even though they he might not have a special
attack for them (Light Edge, Orc Sword, Snake Sword, etc.) His starting
level has the best storyline of all the characters, and it is my
favorite of all the starting levels. Overall, he just seems like the
best person to defeat evil with. The other characters don't fit into
being a hero as much. I recommend playing with him first.

- Shields and Blocking -
      Sargon is one of the two characters that uses shields regularly
because he uses one-handed weapons. The other two characters can also
use shields, but they are practically useless since they can't use
their weapon at the same time. When I first played with Sargon, I took
his shield for granted and barely used it. But the shields are very
useful. Whenever you block an enemy's attack with a shield, their
weapon will bounce back and you will have time to hit them back. Also,
naturally they prevent you from taking damage. Shields, however, don't
last forever. In fact, they don't last long at all. There is only a
certain amount of damage that can be inflicted upon any shield. Once
their hitpoints get to zero, just like you, they break. You will then
need to seek out another shield unless you have another one already.

(You can carry three.) Be careful: Check your shield before each
battle. If it is too weak, you don't want to use it because it will
simply break and you will take damage and be stunned for a second,
giving the enemy time to hit you again. Different shields will have
different hitpoints. You should try to seek out those that are not
damaged and have high hitpoints.

- Dodging and Jumping -
      Sargon's dodging and jumping is moderate. He doesn't dodge too
far. Therefore, you'll have to depend on his shield more. But it is
still useful. You will have to dodge right or left as the enemy is
about to attack you. Most of the time this works, even if appears as if
you were hit. You can turn it into a right or left dodge attack if you
like (simply press 'attack' as you dodge).

- Sargon's Attacks and Combos -
      One of the highlights of Sargon is his combos. He has plenty of
them, and they are very good too. Sargon's high and right smash used as
a combination work very well if you do them over and over because he
will advance forward as he is hitting. Four of his basic combos can be
performed by simply executing one of the basic attacks two times in a
row. You can view these by pressing F1. Dodge attacks are performed by
jumping to a side and attacking at the same time (The arrow forward
confused me for a long time and I couldn't do them.). They are not
really useful since you can do a more powerful attack after dodging
instead. The north cross is an awesome attack because you can do it
three times in a row, bludgeoning the enemy. And at the end of the last
north cross, you can do the south cross, which is very, very powerful
and effective. Just remember to use different combos and not the same
one over and over.

The Dwarf
Name: Naglfar
Life: 120
Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Age: 153
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Specialty: One-handed axes and shields.
Information (from the game): For countless generations, the Dwarves
have sought the most precious metals and jewels. Their hard but
peaceful way of life has made them a strong yet contemplative people.

- Description -
      I didn't like this fellow too much. Up to this point, I have
never passed the game with Naglfar. I did come close, but the game was
becoming too frustrating at the end. Naglfar is short and fat;
therefore he is slow. He can't dodge well. And he runs shaky.
      Like the Knight, he carries shields, which you should find
yourself using a lot. Therefore, they will break often. All of his
special moves are just one simple swing. Some of them are exactly the
same! He doesn't have any combos except for his direction attacks and a
move called cyclone, which is simply a 360 degree swing. Therefore,
most of the times you just have to keep swinging and hope that the
enemy won't block much.
      But if you like challenge, and you are tired of the other three
characters, I suggest you give him a try. You might like him. But don't
play with him until you are somewhat experienced.
      By the way, did anyone notice that the names of the weapons and
special moves of the Dwarf are messed up in the game?

- Shields and Blocking -
      Fortunately, Naglfar uses shields. Otherwise, playing with him
would be a drag, and I doubt that anyone would enjoy it. Since he has
to come up so close to the enemy in order to hit it, you will go
through your shields like paper with him. You will have to constantly
block with him, so be sure to switch shields and find new, stronger

- Dodging and Jumping -
      As you might have already guessed, since Naglfar is fat he can't
dodge or jump for sh**. He dodges the same or worse as Sargon. So
depend more on his shield. As for jumping, make sure you don't do it
too early, because he doesn't jump that far.

- Naglfar's Attacks and Combos -
      I was greatly disappointed with Naglfar's attacks. His arms are
short, so he can't reach far. You will have to come very close to the
enemy to hit it. You won't have any combos, so you'll have to bludgeon
your enemy with simple attacks by holding down attack and pressing
various direction keys. Cyclone is simply a horizontal 360 degree
attack, which doesn't work that well. You will have to depend on his
special moves, but they are not that impressive either. Every single
one is just one quick, simple stroke. That can have its advantages,
however. Some of his special moves are actually exactly the same!

The Amazon
Name: Zoe
Life: 60
Attack: 1
Defense: 0
Age: 19
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Specialty: Spears
Information (from the game): The Adventurers travel the world in search
of legendary treasure. They are nimble, resolute, daring, and seasoned
warriors. It is not uncommon to encounter them singly or in groups
wandering the highways or delving among the ruins of yesteryear.

- Description -
      Because she is the easiest, you will probably enjoy playing with
Zoe in the beginning. I did. She is quick. Really quick. She doesn't
even need to sheathe her weapon to run faster. Her weapons are long and
cool looking. When in combat, she can easily dodge enemy attacks by
jumping to the side.
      Zoe doesn't carry shields (She can still pick them up and use
them without the weapon drawn.) But she can block with her weapon for a
moment. She also doesn't have many combos, like the Dwarf. She has a
one cool attack called whirlwind, which kicks ass, buts gets boring
after a while. Zoe is a hit-and-run type of attacker. She will dodge,
attack, and then get away before the enemy retaliates. But she might
become boring because you'll be using the whirlwind or the weapon's
special move over and over again. Otherwise, she is fun. If you are
having trouble, play with her.

- Shields and Blocking -
      Zoe does not use shields. There isn't a need for them with her
because she dodges so well. However, this does not mean that she cannot
block. She can actually use her weapon to block, but just for a moment.
Therefore, you will have to block just as the enemy is about to hit
you. The resistance on weapons is very high, so they won't break unless
the attack is very strong. And weapons don't lose hitpoints like
shields do. I didn't block with Zoe that much. I didn't find a need for

- Dodging and Jumping -
      When it comes to dodging and jumping, Zoe is by far the best.
When you perform a dodge, she actually rolls on the ground going far
out of the way. So usually, if you dodge in time, you won't get hit.
This is the good thing about Zoe.
      Her jumping is very good too. Of all the characters, she jumps
the farthest. And she doesn't even need to sheathe her weapon. You'll
notice just how fast she runs even with her weapon drawn. However,
since Zoe is weaker (She is a woman.), she will not climb as fast as
the other characters. This is not really a problem except for one part
in the game.

- Zoe's Attacks and Combos -
      Zoe will use long, fancy-looking weapons. Therefore, she will
have cool looking special attacks that reach far. With these attacks
you should have little problems slicing and dicing your enemies.
However, she has only one combo - the whirlwind. This attack is
awesome. It is very powerful and fast. However, it tends to get boring
after a while.

The Barbarian
Name: Tukaram
Life: 80
Attack: 2
Defense: 0
Age: 25
Height: 225 cm
Weight: 130 kg
Specialty: Two-handed swords and axes.
Information (from the game): A proud and independent people, Tukaram's
tribe pay no tribute to any power, nor do they recognize any Lord being
superior to themselves. They respect only armed force and the ancient
wisdom of their shamans.

- Description -
      I think that Tukaram is most people's favorite. And I can see
why. He looks awesome with all his muscles and tattoos. His weapons,
like the big sword or shark sword, are awesome looking as well.
      Like the Knight, he has lots of combos. He is very similar to the
Knight actually. His speed is very similar, and he uses swords. But, he
doesn't have that free hand to carry a shield for blocking. Instead, he
can block with his weapon, but just for an instant. Therefore, you will
have to time it just right.
      Tukaram is also powerful in the beginning. He will be able to
kill a lot of enemies with just one hit. However, Tukaram has only one
blunt weapon, making him have trouble while fighting skeletons and
golems. But that's the only flaw that I could find about him.

- Shields and Blocking -
      Just like Zoe, Tukaram does not use shields. And just like Zoe,
he can use his weapon to block. But since he cannot dodge nearly as
well as Zoe, you will find blocking with him a lot more useful. I
suggest that you practice your timing. If you learn how to block well
with Tukaram, you'll be unstoppable.

- Dodging and Jumping -
      Tukaram dodges better than Sargon and Naglfar, but still not
nearly as good as Zoe does. I recommend using a mix of dodging and
blocking, since he performs both quite well. His jumping is pretty good
too. He is the mediocre of the characters in terms of jumping and

- Tukaram's Attacks and Combos -
      Like Sargon, Tukaram has lots of great combos. Since his weapons
are bigger, it takes him slightly longer to perform them, but they have
further range. Tukaram will have the most amount of combos,
particularly because he can use two types of weapons. Anything that's
not a sword Tukaram will swing differently. These attacks take longer
to perform than his sword attacks but they have their advantages.

The Enemy

The enemies in Blade of Darkness are amazing. Each has different
tactics and methods of killing you. Some are stupid and aggressive like
the orc. Others, like the knights, are highly defensive and careful.
The enemies of BOD are different from most other games because they are
all hard. You can't really say which ones are easier or harder except
for a few. Their hit points and damage increase as you go along in the
game. Each enemy you face will be a challenge, especially when you
first start off. The next enemy can cut your head off just as easy as
the last one. Also, your foes will often attack in groups, and that
makes them that much harder.
      The weapons you choose to kill your enemies will be important.
For example, fleshy enemies like the Minotaur or troll take more damage
from sharp, slicing weapons. While armored or tough enemies like
skeletons and golems are better dealt with blunt, crushing weapons like
a mace or club. For the highly defensive knights you will want to use
long weapons that don't require you getting really close to them.
      I can't really arrange the enemies according to their difficulty,
but some are noticeably easy or hard.

- Spider -
Difficulty: easy
Body: fleshy
Appearance: over-sized tarantulas
First Encounter: first level for the Dwarf and Barbarian, otherwise
Mines of Kelbegen
Description: These guys shouldn't be a problem unless you're really
clumsy. Their only attack is their bite, which is sometimes poisonous
but doesn't hurt too much. Since they are low to the ground, you will
have to use an attack that would reach them there. Low slice or smash
usually does the job. They are always in groups, so be careful not to
get surrounded while you're being occupied with one of them.

- Critter (Bug) -
Difficulty: easy
Body: fleshy
Appearance: a small, vicious, hairless monkey-like creature with a big
head; pig-like
First Encounter: First level of the characters; Mines of Kelbegen for
the Dwarf
Description: I wasn't sure on what to name these things. Their attack
is very simple. They simply run up close and then leap forward to take
a bite out of you. Like the spiders, they are also small, and you'll
have attack low. Circle around them in order to avoid their bite and
don't get too close. You'll often find them in groups, in dark, eerie

areas snacking on a corpse.

- Lich (Zombie) -
Difficulty: easy
Body: fleshy
Appearance: a slow-moving dead dude
First Encounter: First level of the Amazon and Barbarian, otherwise
Island of Karum
Description: Zombies are really slow in moving and attacking.
Therefore, they are very easy. You shouldn't have any problems with
them. Just run up to them and kick their ass. If you are really slow
they will manage to hit you with slow, lazy swings, which will hurt a
lot. It will appear to swing their weapons with great effort and
clumsiness. Well that's because they are zombies, and they are dead!
They will also puke poison on you from a distance.  They carry shields
but never use them.  You can often kill them quickly because their body
parts have a tendency to fall off.

- Zombie Knight -
Difficulty: easy
Body: fleshy
Appearance: a slow-moving dead knight
First Encounter: Tombs of Ephyra
Description: They are the same as the zombie in every single way,
except for they appearance. They tend to have more hit points and are
more fun to kill too. They have armor, but it's rusted or something, so
it is much better to use a sharp weapon. It will make all the

- Orc -
Difficulty: easy/medium
Body: fleshy
Appearance: ugly, human-like things that don't like strangers; make
irritating sounds
First Encounter: Fortress of Tell Halaf for the knight, otherwise first
level of the character
Description: These are the most common enemy in the game. So you'll
have plenty of time to figure out some strategy to defeat them. Orcs
are programmed to be stupid and aggressive. They will charge at you
violently, usually with an overhead smash. Therefore, You want to
circle around them as they approach you so they miss you. Then you
should attack. Sometimes they will attack in quick, abrupt hits. When
they do this, you want to get away because they will kick the crap out
of you and you'll never get a chance to hit them.
This was my favorite enemy of the game. I think that Codemasters spent
a long time on them. It's so fun to chop off their body parts. They can
be archers.

- Troll -
Difficulty: medium/hard
Body: fleshy
Appearance: A big, dark human like dude
First Encounter: Fortress of Tell Halaf for the knight, otherwise first
level of the character
Description: Wherever you'll find orcs, you should find trolls as well.
They are simply a bigger, meaner, nastier version of the orc. If you
walk away far, they will taunt and laugh at you. They will usually have
more hit points and damage than the orcs. Their weapons are often
poisonous. They tend to be more aggressive too. If you observe them,
you'll realize that their movements are identical to that of the orc's.
You don't want to just go at them with all you got. They will often hit
you just before you do. So you have to be more strategic and careful.
Get away if necessary and wait for them to attack first with the
overhead smash while sidestepping and then attack.

- Skeleton -
Difficulty: medium
Body: armored
Appearance: a SKELETON
First Encounter: First level of the Amazon and Barbarian, otherwise
Tombs of Ephyra
Description: If orcs are offensive and knights are defensive then these
guys would be somewhere in the middle. Starting with the fourth level,
skeletons are going to be very common. Since their tactics are going to
be different from any other enemy that you will have faced by that
point, they will cause you some trouble at first, partially because
they have tough bodies and require blunt weapons. Their swings,
although not multiple, reach far. So you don't want to be too close to
them. They also have thin bodies, making them harder to hit. Sometimes
you would have sworn that you hit them when you really didn't. When you
are at medium range, skeletons will perform a triple attack - left,
right, and forward. This is how you get them. Stand at medium range and
wait for them to do this triple attack. Then step aside and once they
have performed the last swing forward, quickly get them from the side.
They often attack in pairs or groups. When they are you can let them
kill each other by circling around them fast (without locking on) at
medium and close range so they hit each other. They can be archers.

- Traitor Knight (Knight or Guard) -
Difficulty: medium
Body: armored
Appearance: A KNIGHT, as in a man covered with metal armor
First Encounter: Tabriz for the knight, otherwise Fortress of Nemrut
Description: Totally opposite of the orcs and trolls. The knight (I'll
call them knights for short.) is the only completely human enemy you'll
face. They will taunt you from a distance and approach you very slowly
and cautiously. They are very defensive. For this they have shields
that are always up. Therefore, you don't' want to just go charging at
them. Don't get close. Keep your distance. Try to do a special move
that has long range while they are still far away, because they will
simply block when you're trying to do it and then attack you. You don't
want just to keep attacking them without a pause because sooner or
later they will block and then kick your ass. They are not as tough as
other enemies are when they are in groups because you can kill them off
one by one since they approach you slowly. They often carry potions, so
don't go too far away once you take away some of their damage.
Otherwise, they will quickly drink it before you can stop them and
leave you potionless. They can be archers.

- Dark Knight -
Difficulty: medium/hard
Body: armored
Appearance: same as the knight but darker and have no face
First Encounter: Island of Karum
Description: Dark Knights are identical to the traitor knights except
for a few things. They are scarier, tougher, more powerful and often
equipped with snake swords, which poison you. They are often in groups
of two or more. You will have to be smarter and more careful with them.
They can be archers.

- Ape (Ogre) -
Difficulty: hard
Body: fleshy
Appearance: A big, fat, muscular gorilla
First Encounter: Kazel Zalam for the Dwarf, otherwise Mines of Kelbegen
Description: These dudes are some mean mofos. They are huge and look
very angry. They will have a lot of hit points and the hits from their
club or axe will sting a bit. However, because of their size, apes move
kind of slow. You will want to be more defensive with them. Circle
around them when they are trying to hit you. After they take their
swing and miss, quickly attack, preferably with a special attack to
drain all those hit points. Get away once you are done before they
swing again. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to avoid
being chopped up into his next dinner.

- Minotaur -
Difficulty: hard
Body: fleshy
Appearance: a giant, muscular, human-like creature with an animal head
First Encounter: Island of Karum
Description: Minotaurs are very similar to Apes: They are slow, scary,
and powerful. So the tactics you will use will be the same: Circle
around them and wait for them to attack, then do a special move.
Minotaurs usually have more hit points damage than Apes, and their
swings are larger. But they are slightly slower and like to growl after
some attacks, giving you more time to kill them. Beware of the ones
towards the end of the game with a huge rock tied to a stick instead of
their usual meat clever. They have huge range and can take away
thousands with one hit. Getting hit by every swing of their triple
attack when they have the rock for a weapon means death to you. Take
your time with these bastards.

- Golem -
Difficulty: hard
Body: armored
Appearance: a giant man made of stone, ice, lava, or metal
First Encounter: Tombs of Ephyra
Description: Golems are big and walk slow (Unless you are far away.
They will run then.). But once they are close they don't mess around.
They will use their giant arms to punch the hell out of you. They have
four attacks: a left punch, a right punch, a double punch with both
arms, and an overhead smash that will break you in half. Although they
approach you slowly, they attack fast. So the simple tactic of circling
them won't work as well. Don't get too close, and jump to the sides
once they attack. Their overhead smash takes them a while to perform,
so that's a good time to attack them from the side. Be careful though.
Since they approach you slowly, use the same tactic as you do for the
knights. Start a special move before they are close so they don't
attack you. They will also grow rocks from their fist and throw them at
you. But they can be easily dodged. Just move around a lot and use a
blunt weapon.

- Demon -
Difficulty: hard
Body: fleshy
Appearance: an ugly and freaky looking thing with a hook on one hand
First Encounter: Marakamda for the Amazon, otherwise Island of Karum
Description: When I first saw this thing in the Island of Karum, I
thought that it would be the hardest enemy ever from its looks.
Fortunately, I was wrong. Demons have everything they need to kick your
ass except for one thing: They are weak. Your armor will increase as
you keep playing, but their attack won't, much. Therefore, you can take
many hits from their hook. However, in everything else demons are
successful. They travel by constantly disappearing and reappearing
while coming toward you in a zigzag motion. Once they are close they
will quickly slice you with the hook attached to their hands.
Therefore, you need to start attacking before they come close, because
then it will be too late. Once you get a demon to low health, it will
stumble back and scream in pain. When they do this, run up to them and
keep attacking before they get a chance to retaliate. Oh yeah, they
also breathe fire from a distance in short, constant breaths. Although
this doesn't hurt too much it will be annoying because your character
will keep getting hurt, and will not be able to move, therefore getting
hit by the next flame. When they start to do this, sidestep to avoid
the fire. This doesn't always work however. They will also not have
that much health and are very fleshy. Be sure to use a sharp weapon.

- Chaos Knight -
Difficulty: hard
Body: armored
Appearance: a huge knight with a face on the front of his armor
First Encounter: Tabriz for the knight, otherwise Temple of Ianna
Description: What a nasty mofo. He doesn't have a face in his head, but
one in his chest. You will have to use the same tactics as for the
golems. Don't get too close and wait for them to attack. Jumping will
help a lot. They will also spawn some of energy balls that will lock
onto you. You can block these or hide behind something. They won't hurt
too badly. It's their big ass sword that you have to worry about.
Patience is key with these Giants.

- Vampire (Necromancer) -
Difficulty: boss
Body: fleshy
Appearance: a one-eyed freak with no skin
First Encounter: Island of Karum
Description: Let me guess. You are at the end of the level Island of
Karum, and you are really frustrated from loading the game over and
over? Yes, the vampire is one nasty son-of-a-bitch. Not only do his
attacks drain your energy and give it to him, but also his vampire
shield will drain as much of your life away as the damage that you
inflict upon it. And you will hit it. And you don't even get any credit
for killing him the first time you encounter him. I ain't done yet. If
you run off too far, he will disappear and reappear behind you. He
attacks really fast, so it is almost impossible to attack him with a
special move since they take time to perform.  If you want to do this,
do it before he comes close. It will be hard to hit him with normal
attacks too because he will keep blocking. So you want to pull off a
special move on him in the beginning to take out his shield, and
unfortunately most of your health with it. Then go at him with constant
combos so he doesn't have a chance to hit you. Once he has below 2000
health, he will keep disappearing and reappearing behind you. When he
does this, you can either do the back attack (this works really good),
or run forward a little bit to avoid getting back stabbed, and then
quickly turn around and go at him before he gets a chance to disappear
again. You will want to use a power potion. Good luck with this f**ker.

- Meskalamdug -
Difficulty: boss
Body: fleshy
Appearance: similar to a demon, only much bigger and nastier
First Encounter: Tower of Dal Gurak
Description: This nasty son-of-a-bitch is a bigger version of the
demon, but much harder. They too breathe fire and look similar, but
they are much bigger. Dal Gurak will unleash him upon you when you
meet. At close range he will slash at you with his huge arms in big
swings. At medium range he will breathe fire at you, You can dodge this
if you quickly go to his side. When you are right up next to him, he
won't be able to reach you with his arms. However he will, create a
circle of fire and push it out in all directions, stopping you from
attacking him. Therefore, it's best to face him at medium range and

wait for him to start breathing fire. Then run to his side and perform
a special move. If you have a crown, which you should when you first
meet him, turn it on and his circle of fire won't hurt, but will still
prevent you from hitting him, unless you're quick.

- Dal Gurak -
Difficulty: boss
Body: armored
Appearance: a man with fancy armor (you will know it's him when you see
Only Encountered in Tower of Dal Gurak
Description: Read the walkthrough

- Lord of Darkness (Chaos Child) -
Difficulty: boss
Body: fleshy
Appearance: This the ultimate bad dude. So yeah, he is pretty freaky
Only Encountered in the Abyss
Description: Read the walkthrough.

Info on the Game

      This section is for the ones who are new to Blade of Darkness. In
here you'll find some valuable information, but most of this you should
have already found out for yourself.

- Leveling Up -
      Your character will level up as he gains more experience by
killing enemies. This adds a unique RPG element to the game. As he
levels up, his hit points, power, and defense will increase. His health
will also be restored. This means that you want to kill as many enemies
as possible so you level up more. Don't worry if you miss an enemy here
or there. Just don't avoid enemies, unless you are at the end of the
      There are twenty levels. You will reach the twentieth level so
long as you don't avoid enemies. After the twentieth level, you can
still level up. But you will not become stronger or healthier; your
life will simply be restored.
      Leveling up is one of the most fun things in the game. You will
finally be able to use a weapon or a special attack that you have been
waiting for for two levels. Plus, you might be on the edge of death and
your life will not only be restored, be increased as well. I love
leveling up, especially in the beginning.

- Runes -
      There will be six different runes that you will have to find in
BoD. They will be well hidden with a symbol of the runes themselves.
You will also have to get past a trap to get each one. If you want to
acquire the entire power of the Sword of Ianna, defeat the Lord of
Darkness, and see the games true ending, you will have to find these
runes. By saying the entire power of the Sword of Ianna I mean its two
special attacks. These attacks can launch a powerful arc, allowing you
not to have to face your enemies up close. And also, they make
defeating Dal Gurak much easier.
If you collect all the runes and defeat him, you will have to pass an
additional level called the Abyss. At the end you will face off with
the Lord of Darkness. Finding the runes will be hard, but thankfully,
you have this guide to help you. The following levels contain a rune:
Fortress of Tell Halaf, Mines of Kelbegen, Tombs of Ephyra, Fortress of
Nemrut, Oasis of Nejeb, and Temple of Al Farum.
      You can also see which levels they are located in at the table of
contents. In the walkthrough, I will give their exact location.
      If you miss a rune, you will have a chance to get it again after
you pass the Temple of Ianna. You will be allowed to go back to any of
the six levels where you missed a rune. However, doing so is not so
fun. All the levels will now be filled with nasty Demons, Vampires and
Chaos Knights. In most cases I recommend to simply run past them since
killing them is not required. All the doors will now be open, and all
the items and original enemies will be gone from the level. But trust
me, it's much better to find the runes the first time.

- Poison -
      Certain enemies will have weapons that will poison you, meaning
your life will slowly drain for a minute or so. This is not a big
threat unless you are low on health. If you are, you will want to cure
yourself with a potion. Travel rations and ghost medallions will also
cure poison (look at the items when pressing F1). The rate of how your
health depletes when poisoned will depend on how much damage you took
from the poisoned weapon.

- Special Attacks -
      Each weapon that is designed for a character will have a special
attack. These attacks can only be performed at certain levels. You will
often hold on to a weapon until you can use their special attack.
Special attacks look fancier, are very powerful and can usually finish
the enemy in one hit. If your weapon turns red and the enemy glows red
after you hit it, you know that you have performed a special attack.
You can see how to do the special attack of any weapon if you press F1.

- Special Weapons -
      Aside from their normal weapons, each character will have special
weapons. The Queen's Sword and Sword of Ianna will be special weapons
accessible by every character. But besides those two, each character
will have their own. These special weapons will be either fire, ice, or
poisonous. The weapons themselves are weak and are not intended for
normal use. It's their special attack that is profitable. These special
attacks will usually be much more interesting and powerful than those
of normal weapons will. Therefore, you might want to hang onto a
special weapon until you can access its special attack. Plus, you
benefit from the ice, fire, or poison damage bonus.

- Level Order -
      Unlike most games, in Blade of Darkness the sequence of levels
can be altered. You will often be given the opportunity to play two
levels at a time. No matter which one you pick first, you will still
have to pass both of them. My recommended sequence is obviously in the
order of which I wrote the walkthrough. I always chose the easier
levels first to save the harder ones for later when I have leveled up.
Also, my choice depended on which weapons I wanted first. The hitpoints
of the enemies change depending on when you play the level. You will be
given hints on which level you should pass first. For example, after
beating Tabriz with the knight, you will be told that it is best to
return to Tell Halaf and report what has happened.

Combat Tactics

      The most important and difficult thing in the world of Blade of
Darkness is the combat. This section will help you with the different
tactics you should you do defeat your foes.

- Controls -
      The controls in Blade of Darkness are harder than most games.
Therefore, you might want to accustom them to your liking. I myself
changed a lot of the controls. This configuration I found the most

Forwards: w
Backwards: s
Turn Left: d
Turn Right: a
Jump: RightButton
Attack: LeftButton
Block: MiddleButton
Throw: q
Sneak: LShift
Use: e
Draw/Sheathe Weapon: CapsLock
Cycle Weapons: WheelDown, f
Cycle Shields: r
Cycle Inventory Objects: WheelUp, c
Lock On Enemy: Tab
Select: Space

You might like the controls the way they are. But I greatly recommend
trying them this way just to see if you like it better. All the buttons
are close and easily accessible.

- Weapon Selection -
      The weapons you choose to kill your enemy are important. Using
sharp or slashing weapons like swords, axes and spears works well
against fleshy enemies so they can be cut and sliced. Against armored
or tough-materialized foes, you will want to use blunt or smashing
weapons like clubs, maces and bos so you can dent and break the enemy.
      Ok, so you come across a skeleton. Try hitting him with your
hooked sword. Now try hitting him with your heavy mace. Even though the
heavy mace is weaker, it will hurt more. Why? Because it is a blunt
weapon. Read the enemy section to find out which enemies are fleshy or
      Also, against weaker enemies I found it better to use more
powerful weapons that don't necessarily have their special attack
accessible. Instead of wasting your time on performing a special move,
you can use the raw power of the weapon to kill your foe quickly. When
facing a difficult foe, you will want to put away the stronger weapon
and use one with a special attack to soak up them hitpoints. Weaker
weapons also don't decrease your defense as much.

- The Environment -
      The environment will also play a role on how the battle goes. You
will want to avoid fighting enemies in small, tight areas. This is
because not only will you have little room to fight, but also the
camera angles will not be as good. You will end up getting your ass
kicked. You want room to dodge when the enemy attacks. So when you end
up in a small area, try to lure your enemy to where there is more room
to fight. You might think that this is common sense, but some people
don't think about these things.
      You also will want to avoid dangerous areas to fight. You don't
want to fight right next to a fall or a lava pit. Avoiding your
enemies' attacks is hard enough; having to avoid dangerous environment
at the same time will be even tougher.

- Throwing Items or Using the Bow -
      This is often under estimated. You don't always have to fight
your enemy in a melee fashion. You can attack from a distance. When
people first get the bow, they will have a desire to use it. But soon
you will realize that it doesn't deal enough damage to kill the enemy
quickly, and when a troll is charging at you at full speed, this could
be a problem. Therefore, you will only want to use it when your enemy
can not get access to you to take free shots. In the later parts of the
game, the enemies get tougher, and using your bow becomes less useful.
It will be more practical to just go next to them and give them a few
good swings and cut their head off. However, throwing objects can often
work better, especially at the beginning of the game. Try throwing a
powerful object, like a weapon that is too powerful to use yet, while
the enemy is still trying to approach you. Often, you can kill them.
      In Tabriz, this works especially well. I must have killed six or
more enemies just by throwing the eclipse or death sword at them. Try
it. It's fun.

- Sneaking -
      When the enemy can't see you or is sleeping, you can sneak up to
them and take a free shot at them. They will usually retaliate fast, so
be careful. Also, if an enemy is walking away from you, try running up
to them really fast. Of course they will hear you, but in the time that
it takes them to turn around and make their usual growl or yell you can
quickly hit them. This works well in the Fortress of Tell Halaf.

- Running Away -
      Don't be too na´ve. If you are getting your ass kicked, get away.
You're not being a coward; you're just saving some annoying loading
time. Although the enemy will follow you, you might get it to a spot
where it can't go. Or you might just gain a lot of distance from it.
This will give you time to drink a potion, get the right weapon or
shield out, or simply get your thoughts together on how to kill the
thing. This also can be helpful if you are facing more than one enemy.
Try to lure only one of them to you so you don't have to face them at
the same time.

- Have Fun! -
      In any game, your goal is not to defeat the enemy or get to the
end. It is to have fun. If you have fun playing a game, then the game
did what it was supposed to. Once you are done with killing an ape, cut
off his head and carry it over to the next one and throw it at him,
just to tell him, "Here's your friend. And you're next." Of course,
this will not affect how he will fight you, but it's just plain fun. If
you are fighting a bunch of skeletons, lock off of them and run around
them in circles so they kill each other. Do whatever makes you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can you drop the bow?
- You can't. Stop asking.

2. Where's the heavy armor for the barbarian/dwarf/amazon?
- There isn't any. The barbarian and Amazon only have light armor. The
dwarf has light and medium. Only the knight has all three. The armory
in the Tower of Dal Gurak contains the strongest armor and weapons for
each character, so that's how I know.

Did You Know...

1. You can walk around with no head? Yes, it's possible. Get one of the
life draining weapons like the queen's sword or the blood axe (vampire
shield might work). Get really low on health, and just as you take your
last hit attack the enemy with a life-restoring attack. If you time it
right, you'll get your head (or any other limb) cut off and still be
alive. Then you can walk around like the headless horseman. This
happened to me on more than one occasion, all accidental.

2. I've been working on this guide since the summer of 2001. Too bad I
was lazy the first year and busy the second.

3. You can level up past level 20. However, your health will not
increase. Neither will you strength or defense. Your life will simply
be restored. I knew this one guy who got up to level 24. There is
actually no limit to levels. Well... it might reset after level 99. Why
don't you find out...


      Unlike in most other games, in Blade of Darkness you are not
intended to use every weapon because most weapons will not be designed
for your character. If you try to use them, your character will do so
clumsily. So you must rely on your own weapons if you want to make it
through the world of Blade of Darkness.
       Actually, anything that you can pick up, except for food or
drinks, you can use as a weapon. That's one of the best parts of Blade
of Darkness. You can also throw anything. You can cut off your enemy's
head, then pick it up and beat the next enemy to death with it! This
will only work in the beginning of the game though. Later in the game
you will get your ass kicked if you keep going around hitting enemies
with stools, bones, limbs, etc.
      I wasn't going to include this section, but I thought that it
would be nice to have a section that will tell you where all the
weapons are located. Sometimes the information on the location of the
weapon will not be sufficient. In this case, you should read the part
of the walkthrough that is being referred to.

Note: The amount of stars next to the weapon's name indicate its

- Sargon's Weapons -

Gladius **
+3 Attack
Special Attack: Swing of Pride (L4)
First found in TABRIZ. Once you escape the dungeon you'll find it lying
by the corpse that the critters were snacking on.
Description: (sharp) This is the first weapon for the Knight. And, it
is just that, a first weapon. It's weak and has short range. However,
you'll be glad that you at least have that when fighting the Knights of
Tabriz. Also, it might be a good idea to use it even after you get the
mace because it doesn't lower your defense any.

Mace ***
+15 Attack; -10 Defense
Special Attack: Royal Smash (L7)
First found in TABRIZ. Near the bridge will be a knight with the Armory
Key. Near that knight will be the Armory. Inside the Armory will be the
Description: (blunt) The mace will be a big step up from the gladius.
Not only is its attack way more powerful then the gladius, it is also a
smashing weapon, which works better against knights. Its range is
rather short, like all maces, and it takes away a little of your

Combat Sword **1/2
+35 Attack; -20 Defense
Special attack: Righteous Anger (L8)
First found in TABRIZ. Ragnar, the boss, will have it.
Description: (sharp) This weapon is another big step up from the
previous weapon. Not only as it a lot more powerful, it is also a
slashing weapon. Since you'll be fighting mostly orcs and trolls at
this time, this weapon will be quite useful.

Elf Sword ****
+50 Attack; -25 Defense
Special attack: The Dream (L9)
First found in FORTRESS OF TELL HALAF, behind the table in Duke's
Description: (sharp) An awesome weapon for only one reason - its
special attack. The Dream is a three-part attack causing over a 1000
damage. That is why you might want to hang onto it for a long time.

Heavy Mace ***
+70 Attack; -30 Defense
Special attack: Lord Kerman's Smash (L10)
First found in FORTRESS OF TELL HALAF, next to an orc corpse by the
little water stream near the first archer. (Thanks Tahunuva!) You
might, however, not want to get it at this location. I recommend
getting it later on in Tombs of Ephyra when it's more useful.
Description: (blunt) The heavy mace is not only great because it's a
blunt weapon, but its special attack is awesome. It is a three-part
attack that deals massive damage, especially to them nasty golems and

Hooked Sword **
+90 Attack; -25 Defense
Special attack: Hook Sweep (L11)
First found in TOMBS OF EPHYRA. The first skeleton archer will have it.
Description: (sharp) Nothing special about this weapon, except that
it's the first weapon that deals 3-digit  damage, and by that I mean
100. Its special attack is short and simple.

Curved Sword **1/2
+120 Attack; -25 Defense
Special attack: Soul of Honor (L12)
First found in ISLAND OF KARUM, somewhere in the tower. (Read the
walkthrough for exact location.)
Description: (sharp) The curved sword is quite powerful, and so is its
special attack, although it takes some time to perform.

Dagese *1/2
+150 Attack; -30 Defense
Special attack: Tumblestab (L14)
First found in OASIS OF NEJEB, up on one of the balconies near the
first giant door.
Description: (sharp) One of the more useless weapons in the game. If
you go the recommended path while playing, you should not even need
this weapon. If you choose to go to the Oasis first, you should get it.
Its special attack is just what it's named, a tumblestab. You tumble
forward and stab straight ahead. Therefore, it's rather hard to hit
anything with it.

Scimitar ****
+210 Attack; -45 Defense
Special attack: Triple Attack (L15)
First found in SHALATUWAR FORTRESS. After you defeat the minotaur and
the troll with the barbarian shield, go where the troll had come from.
Climb up the wall on the left. Up here you'll find a small room with
the sword.
Description: (sharp) The scimitar will be your new best friend when you
get it. Not only is it powerful, its Triple Attack is easily performed
while dealing massive damage and covering lots of area. You will be
using this weapon for a while.

Great Mace ***1/2
+290 Attack; -55 Defense
Special attack: High Order Smash (L16)
First found in FORTRESS OF NEMRUT, in a small room with the minotaur
who was snacking on a corpse.
Description: (blunt) Another great weapon in that it's the last blunt
weapon for Sargon, and therefore the most powerful.

Double Sword **1/2
+380 Attack; -60 Defense
Special attack: Wrath of the Gods (L17)
First found in FORTRESS OF NEMRUT, in the same room as the double
sword, hidden behind a barrel.
Description: (sharp) This weapon deals great raw damage, but its
special attack takes a while to perform, and it's hard to hit anything
with it. Therefore, you might skip over it and use the Scimitar or
Sharp Sword instead.

Sharp Sword ***
+470 Attack; -50 Defense
Special attack: Sword of Justice (L18)
First found in FORGE OF XSHATHRA. At the second staircase jump over to
where the skeleton archers are. Somewhere there will be the sword.
Description: (sharp) Powerful. It's special attack is very complicated
as you do some fancy stab, tumble over and do another slice through the

Heavy Sword ****
+780 Attack; -80 Defense
Special attack: Majestic Sweep (L19)
First found in TOWER OF DAL GURAK, in the armory. (You will need a key,
which location is explained in the walkthrough.)
Description: (sharp) Long, powerful, and massive, the heavy sword
spells death to your foes. Don't be surprised when your enemy falls
dead after only a couple hits.

Fire Sword *1/2
+45 Attack; -25 Defense
Special attack: Fire Spiral (L13)
First found in FORGE OF XSHATHRA, in the room with the first zombies.
Description: (sharp) The weapon is rather useless. The only reason
special weapons like this one are even used is for their special
attacks. And the fire sword's special attack is not that impressive. It
looks nice, but just doesn't deal enough damage. If you take the
recommended path, the weapon will be even more useless, as you will
have much better weapons at that point.

Ice Sword ***
+35 Attack; -25 Defense
Special attack: Northern Lights (L18)
First found in GORGE OF ORLOK. If you stick to the right wall of the
labyrinth, you will come to a lit dead end with the sword.
Description: (sharp) The ice sword is one of the few special weapons
worth keeping. Its famous attack - Northern Lights - consists of four
swings dealing a total of 14000 damage.

- Naglfar's Weapons - (Much info is unavailable or inaccurate right now
for this character as I have not played with him much. But I'm planning
to play through the game with him soon.)

Club *1/2
+2 Attack
Special attack: Nutcracker (L3)
First found in KAZEL ZALAM. Many orcs will have this weak weapon.
Description: (blunt) The most basic and simple weapon. It is a blunt
weapon and it is weaker than the axe, therefore there is no real use
for it except when you can access its special attack. Since you get it
at an early level of 3, you might want to grab one once you are at that
level so you can use it.

Axe **
+4 Attack
Special attack: Morning Star (L4)
First found in YOUR HANDS. You start off with it!
Description: (sharp) Although you start off with this weapon, it is not
the weakest weapon for the dwarf (club). There's nothing really to say
about this weapon, except that you will be using it a lot in the
beginning of the game until you get better stuff.

Killer Axe (Biting Axe) **1/2
+18 Attack; -10 Defense
Special attack: The Chop (L7)
Description: (sharp) A big step up from the axe, this weapon will be
your new best friend. Overall a pretty good weapon.

Spiked Club ***
+45 Attack; -30 Defense
Special attack: Beast Crash (L8)
First found in KAZEL ZALAM. The ape will have it.
Description: (blunt) A pretty powerful weapon for the start of the
game, you will be happy to get this guy early on. It's special attack
is performed quite quickly, too.

Sharp Axe (War Axe) *
+55 Attack; -40 Defense
Special attack: Slashback (L9)
First found in MINES OF KELBEGEN?
Description: (sharp) Probably the worst weapon in the entire game. Why?

You can't hit jack sh*t with it. Since only a small part of the tip is
actual blade, you'll find yourself missing the enemy over and over
again. And it is so short too. No range at all. You will feel like
you're trying to kiss your enemy you'll be getting so close. It will be
like swinging a dildo in their face.

War Axe (Sharp Axe) **
+75 Attack; -55 Defense
Special attack: Body Chop (L10)
Description: (sharp) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

War Hammer **1/2
+95 Attack; -30 Defense
Special attack: Bonebreaker (L11)
First found in TOMBS OF EPHYRA, in the room with the first zombie
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Great Hammer **1/2
+135 Attack; -35 Defense
Special attack: Earthquake (L12)
First found in ISLAND OF KARUM. Jump down into one of the three holes
in the room with the barrels. The hammer will be down there.
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Heavy Club ***
+175 Attack; -50 Defense
Special attack: Brutality (L14)
First found in SHALATUWAR FORTRESS. The troll who will order two orcs
and then a minotaur to kill you will have it.
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Double Mace **
+200 Attack; -60 Defense
Special attack: Double Smash (L15)
First found in OASIS OF NEJEB, somewhere at the end :).
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Biting Axe (Killer Axe) ****
+290 Attack; -50 Defense
Special attack: Eagle's Eye (L16)
First found in FORTRESS OF NEMRUT. Once you get into the inner
fortress, look and listen for a breeze in an outside area. Go down to
the right of the breeze to find the sword.
Description: (sharp) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Combat Axe ****
+480 Attack; -85 Defense
Special attack: Liberator (L18)
First found in TEMPLE OF AL FARUM. In one of the small buildings by the
river, go down the steps all the way.
Description: (sharp) This weapon will be a huge step up from the
previous weapon. Its raw power and the fact that it is a slashing
weapon will be a nice aid.

Doom Hammer ****
+790 Attack; -160 Defense
Special attack: Demolition (L19)
First found TOWER OF DAL GURAK, in the armory. (You will need a key,
which location is explained in the walkthrough.)
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Ice Hammer *
+25 Attack; -60 Defense
Special attack: Ice Strike (13)
First found in GORGE OF ORLOK. Near the end, it will be laying next to
a sort of pillar in the large "building."
Description: (blunt) Terrible weapon. The only reason anyone would get
it is for its special attack, which is horrible - a simple thrust
forward. Don't get it. It's only good use is as an ice box.

Fire Axe **
+40 Attack; -100 Defense
Special attack: Burning Rage (17)
First found in FORGE OF XSHATHRA, on the left in the room with the two
demons at the end.
Description: (sharp) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Venom Hammer *
+50 Attack; -90 Defense
Special attack: Snake's Breath (18)
First found in TOMBS OF EPHYRA, in a room concealed by a fake wall near
the first skeletons.
Description: (blunt) Don't know what it's special attack is like. But
since you can't access it until level 18 (you would have to carry it
around for half the game), why bother? I'm sure it is just some quick
simple stroke like all the other attacks.

- Zoe's Weapons -

(I forgot how Zoe's special attacks are, so that info might be

Bo **
+3 Attack
Special attack: Overhead Smash (L3)
First found in YOUR HANDS. You start off with it!
Description: (blunt) Although it's a simple stick, don't underestimate
the bo. Zoe knows how to use her weapons. A few quick strokes and the
enemy will be knocked out on the ground before you know it. Nothing
special about the special attack.

Boathook **1/2
+16 Attack; -5 Defense
Special attack: Blinding Slice (L7)
First found in MARAKAMDA, near the first troll. It will be in a room
locked by the key that the troll will have.
Description: (blunt) Much more powerful than the bo, and having a
better special attack will make you like this weapon.

Spear **1/2
+35 Attack; -10 Defense
Special attack: Lightning Cut (L8)
First found in MARAKAMDA, near the end by the temple key.
Description: (sharp) The first slashing weapon for Zoe. It's quite
powerful and has a nice, quick special attack.

Naginata **1/2
+50 Attack; -20 Defense
Special attack: Killer Strike (L9)
First found in FORTRESS OF TELL HALAF, in the second upper room in the
outer ring.
Description: (sharp) What is a naginata? Must be a made up name for the
game. Sounds cool, and it is.

Trident **1/2
+75 Attack; -30 Defense
Special attack: Sea Smash (L10)
First found in FORTRESS OF TELL HALAF, before the rune trap at the end.
Description: (sharp) Will you feel like Neptune with this weapon? Not
really. It's pretty good though. 'Nuff said.

Axe Spear ***
+95 Attack; -40 Defense
Special attack: (sharp) Spin Slash (L11)
First found in TOMBS OF EPHYRA, at the very beginning. You'll have to
climb up the wall and into the window.
Description: It's 360 degree special attack is what makes this weapon

Death Bo **1/2
+130 Attack; -35 Defense
Special attack: Nightmare (L12)
First found in ISLAND OF KARUM, in the inner room opened by an iron
Description: (blunt) The last blunt weapon for the Amazon, you might
want to hang on to this thing for a while. Know nothing about its
special attack at this point.

Cross-tipped Spear **1/2
+160 Attack; -45 Defense
Special attack: Dark Star (L14)
First found in SHALATUWAR FORTRESS, in the first cell as you go down
the steps.
Description: (sharp) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Sharp Axe ***
+215 Attack; -50 Defense
Special attack: Tumblekill (L15)
First found in FORTRESS OF NEMRUT, by the beginning of the bridge at
the end. You'll have to jump onto a windowsill on the right and climb
into a window.
Description: (sharp) Pretty powerful, and its attack is pretty
interesting. Similar to the sharp sword's attack.

Crush Bo ****
+300 Attack; -60 Defense
Special attack: Deadly Mist (L16)
First found in GORGE OF ORLOK, by the large closed door at the dead end
with the zombies.
Description: (sharp) Although a bo, it's actually a slashing weapon.
Know nothing about its special attack at this point.

Harpoon ***
+390 Attack; -70 Defense
Special attack: Gut Wrencher (L17)
First found in TEMPLE OF AL FARUM, in one of the small rooms of the
Description: (sharp) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Heavy Naginata ***
+490 Attack; -80 Defense
Special attack: Spiral Death (L18)
First found in FORGE OF XSHATHRA, in the small room with the first
Description: (sharp) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Demon Spear ****
+760 Attack; -90 Defense
Special attack: Way of the Goddess (L19)
First found in TOWER OF DAL GURAK, in the armory. (You will need a key,
which location is explained in the walkthrough.)
Description: (sharp) Powerful. Special attack is good. 'Nuff said.

Ice Wand **
+30 Attack; -20 Defense
Special attack: Ice Strike (L13)
First found in FORTRESS OF NEMRUT, in the area with the unholy
medallion, concealed by the snow.
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Fire Bo **
+50 Attack; -50 Defense
Special attack: Dragon Circle (L15)
First found in FORGE OF XSHATHRA.
Description: (blunt) I don't know much about this weapon at this point.

Steel Feather *1/2
+60 Attack; -50 Defense
Special attack: Death's Breath (L18)
First found in OASIS OF NEJEB, by a fire at the end.
Description: (sharp) Special attack pretty good, but not worth

- Tukaram's Weapons -

Chaos Sword **1/2
+5 Attack
Special attack: Speed Kill (L5)
First found in YOUR HANDS. You start off with it!
Description: (sharp) The most powerful of the starting weapons (like
all of Tukaram's weapons). The typical two-handed sword. It's good, but
you have to wait until level 5 to perform its special attack...

Eclipse **1/2
+20 Attack; -5 Defense
Special attack: Dark Moon (L7)
First found in KASHGAR, at the second boulder. There will be a room on
the left with it.
Description: (sharp) The eclipse is handled like the axe, so Tukaram
will take longer to swing it, but the swings reach farther. Pretty cool
weapon, but you'll have the death sword... Forgot about the special

Death Sword **1/2
+40 Attack; -10 Defense
Special attack: Death Sweep (L8)
First found in KASHGAR, in a secret room. You have to jump down the
large broken bridge, go right, and into a hole in the wall near the
Description: (sharp) Basically a stronger chaos sword. Forgot about the
special attack.

Scythe ***
+60 Attack; -15 Defense
Special attack: Grim Reaper (L9)
First found FORTRESS OF TELL HALAF, in the inner circle.

Description: (sharp) Oh yeah, baby. You'll definitely feel like the
grim reaper with this baby. I love this weapon, simply because you just
go around slaying things as if you were death. It's spinning special
attack is also impressive.

Long Sword ****
+80 Attack; -15 Defense
Special attack: Hellswing (L10)
First found in TOMBS OF EPHYRA, by the hole in the top room of the
building with the spiral staircase.
Description: (sharp) Tukaram's weapons just keep getting better. The
long sword is just that, long. It has great range, power, and its
special attack is fast and easy to perform.

Slaying Sword **
+100 Attack; -40 Defense
Special attack: Bloodlust (L11)
First found in ISLAND OF KARUM, by the large fire in a room accessible
only from above.
Description: (sharp) Nothing special about this weapon, except that it
looks like an extended cleaver. It looks cool, just like all of
Tukaram's weapons.

Double Edge ***1/2
+140 Attack; -60 Defense
Special attack: Blind Rage (L12)
First found in ISLAND OF KARUM, in the room from which the minotaur
Description: (sharp) What a weapon... It's huge. I'm surprised the
enemies don't run away when they see you with this. It's special attack
is incredible, Tukaram spins around three times killing anything dumb
enough to get close.

Flat Sword ***
+180 Attack; -65 Defense
Special attack: Destroyer (L14)
First found in SHALATUWAR FORTRESS, in the hidden room with the mural.
Description: (sharp) I think that this was the last weapon I found in
the game. Never noticed that window... Anyway, this weapon is pretty
cool. Forgot about the special attack.

Big Sword **
+220 Attack; -70 Defense
Special attack: Hellthrust (L15)
First found in OASIS OF NEJEB, in the center of the pool with the first
Description: (sharp) You should know this weapon simply from the cover
of the game. Two blades wielded together by a strip of wood through the
middle. However, there's nothing too cool about the weapon, except its
looks. Special attack is a simple thrust forward, not that effective.

Rhino Club ****
+300 Attack; -80 Defense
Special attack: Spike of Evil (L16)
First found in TEMPLE OF AL FARUM, in an outside area above the sacred
Description: (blunt) A log with a huge spike in it. Also the only blunt
weapon for the barbarian. So hold onto it.

Doom Axe ****
+500 Attack; -120 Defense
Special attack: Overkill (L18)
First found in GORGE OF ORLOK, in the room with the ape in the
Description: (sharp) The doom axe brings doom. It deals massive damage,
and its three part attack is definitely overkill.

Shark Sword ****
+800 Attack; -100
Special attack: Chaos Killer (L19)
First found TOWER OF DAL GURAK, in the armory. (You will need a key,
which location is explained in the walkthrough.)
Description: (sharp) The most powerful weapon in the game. 'Nuff said.

Ice Axe **1/2
+30 Attack; -10 Defense
Special attack: Frostbite (L13)
First found in FORTRESS OF NEMRUT, near the end. While you are crossing
the bridge, pay attention the large "pillars" by it. One of them is
missing the base. Cross over to it and go down the lift.
Description: (sharp) One of the few special weapons worth keeping,
MAYBE. Its special attack is similar to Northern Lights, four hits
dealing massive damage.

Great Fire Sword **
+50 Attack; -10 Defense
Special attack 1: Firestorm (L13)
Special attack 2: Volcano (L18)
First found in FORGE OF XSHATHRA, in a semi-secret room. There is a
gate locked by the iron key. Once you get the key go back to it and
open it. Inside will be a bunch of skeletons as well as a lava pool.
Look for a window in a wall. Through it you have to shoot a large
switch to open a door. Inside will be sword. (Read walkthrough for
better explanation.)
Description: (sharp) The only weapon with two special attacks, (except
Ianna's sword). Although both are impressive, you will simply have too
many great weapons to get this baby. But you could get it, if you like

You Know You've Been Playing BoD Too Much When...

      This section was ENTIRELY copied from The author of
this section is John B. Williston. I thought that this was kind of
funny, so I added it to this wonderful guide. Enjoy.

You Know You've Been Playing BoD Too Much When...

1. You think about going click, right+left, up+down on people who piss
you off.
2. You stop and make very sure that no one is near enough to strike
before drinking your coffee.
3. Carrying your keys prevents you from picking up your wallet.
4. You're badly injured but decide to bear with it because reloading
the game would take too long.
5. You stand stupidly in front of a locked door waiting for the lock
name to appear.
6. You expect even the smallest candle to throw interesting and sharply
defined shadows.
7. You wonder how to unleash the combo for your butter knife.
8. You figure only women know how to tuck and roll out of harm's way.
9. Water seems far too translucent and just doesn't ripple
10. You beat on any portion of a wall whose color doesn't exactly match
the rest.
11. You name your firstborn son Sargon.
12. You are incapable of side-stepping unless an enemy is nearby.
13. You believe you understand Zoroastrian teachings but don't really
14. You always try to keep your enemies clumped together and off
15. You expect a thrown object to reappear magically in your hand.
16. You destroy anything wooden by sheer force of habit.
17. You think about what a cool looking weapon someone's head would
18. You wonder how to unleash your special abilities.
19. You do your best to fight your enemies through iron bars, wooden
pillars, walls or other circumstances such that they cannot fight back.
20. When someone crosses their arms your immediate reaction is either
to jump forward or strike backward.
21. Life's sound track seems dull and uninteresting.
22. Your Unreal Tournament game is off because you keep triggering
alternate fire when jumping.
23. You expect yellow or red trails behind your limbs when performing
neat moves.
24. You name your only daughter Zoe.
25. Fear of what might happen prevents you from picking up your keys.
26. You expect a 20% improvement in your vertical leap if you stow what
you're carrying.
27. You expect arrows or blades to sally forth from any hole in a wall.
28. You don't even bother trying to stop yourself when sliding down a
29. Anything but weapons, shields, food, bottles, keys and jewelry is
useful only for throwing.
30. You know how to pronounce 'Xshathra' properly.
31. Hovering above and behind yourself seems perfectly reasonable.
32. You expect to lose control of your body to a cut-scene at any
33. Snow just doesn't crunch realistically enough.
34. You try to use or shoot any nearby protrusions you see.
35. You figure a full life potion can fix anything.
36. The bigger someone is, the less they scare you.
37. You know you understand Zoroastrian teachings and still don't
really care.
38. The sound of electricity arcing causes you to spin about wildly
looking for protrusions to shoot.
39. You expect to "absorb" books in a very literal sense.
40. Names like "Ahura Mazda" and "Angra Manyu" [sic] seem perfectly
41. Carrying five enormous weapons, three shields, two quivers, eight
bottles and a number of other miscellaneous items seems a bit too
42. Carrying all that gear seems perfectly reasonable.
43. You name your stockiest son Nagflar.
44. You try to find every opportunity to unleash a combo attack.
45. You immediately pocket any gems you find.
46. You think you can do anything because your stamina bar isn't
47. None of the "textures" in your neighborhood look right.
48. You eat only meat, bread and cheese.
49. You drink only red or glowing liquids and expect miraculous things
from both.
50. You expect to glow when using jewelry.
51. You religiously avoid or jump over any discolorations on the
52. You name your most difficult son Tukaram.
53. You forget what your front side looks like.
54. Your natural reaction to spiders (and small, jumpy, teething
children) is click+down.
55. Enormous pools of deadly lava or acid are just part of a good day's
56. When someone comes at you with a huge meat cleaver, you're not
57. When the ground starts shaking, an earthquake is the farthest thing
from your mind.
58. You run immediately toward any levers you see and pull them.
59. You figure you can always retrieve important books later if you
miss them the first time.
60. You look over every precipice for ledges.
61. Using ranged attacks seems appropriate for the final bosses in a
melee-oriented game.
62. Getting shot with arrows concerns you only because they could be
poisoned or might disrupt what you're doing.
63. You look around for an empty bottle when confronted with holy
64. What excites you most about a woman is her agility.
65. You carry a torch just to watch the shadows its light casts.
66. When someone just stands and stares at you, your first reaction is
to throw a sword at them.
67. You are extremely careful when walking near graveyards.
68. You wonder if you are Ianna's chosen one.
69. The sound of stones rolling sets you to immediate flight.
70. You try to pull yourself up onto any surface lower than two feet
above your head.
71. You live with the constant fear that enormous, heavily-armored
knights carrying full-length shields and nine-foot swords may suddenly
72. You always look to the high ground for archers when entering an
unfamiliar area.
73. You always wait for your enemy to make the first move.
74. You jump into any open sewer without giving it a second thought.
75. You become convinced that you are Ianna's chosen one.
76. You keep looking for the Sword of Ianna around your church.
77. You grant statues a very wide berth.
78. You aren't a programmer by trade but find the Python language
fascinating nevertheless.
79. You expect a magic weapon to be of little use and probably not
worth carrying.
80. You consider whether a slashing or smashing weapon would be most
81. You start overlooking opportunities for combo attacks in order to
prolong combat.
82. You're sure that the solution to all of life's problems somehow
involves a very large sword.
83. You expect confrontations to take place in very narrow, confined
84. What excites you most about a man is his ability to take damage.
85. You stop trying to keep your enemies clumped up and off balance for
more of a challenge.
86. None of the architecture near your home seems remotely interesting.
87. You are very cautious around caskets.
88. The undead hold no fear for you and are only an annoyance.
89. Improving your shield usage is one of life's most basic priorities.
90. You expect to be able to side-step just about any attack.
91. An island just isn't an island without a dragon circling it.

92. You understand the background story.
93. You stop fighting your enemies through iron bars, pillars and walls
because it's too easy.
94. You wonder whether you are the King or merely a miserable thief,
skulking in the shadows.
95. Your to-do list includes items such as "Retrieve the white opal",
"Defeat Dal Gurak" and "Banish the chaos child from the Abyss".
96. What you fear more than anything else in the world can be summed up
in two words: vampire shields.
97. You consider the final cut-scene entirely satisfying.
98.You could have written Blade of Darkness II in the time you've spent
waiting for games to load.
99. You consider the Gladiator mod the most important invention of this
100. Your soul seems like a fair price for better multi-player support.
101. You interpret saving your game as a sign of weakness.
102. When a pesky child runs from you, your natural reaction is to
slice him open to get at the blue gem.
103. A knife covered in blood just seems wrong somehow.
104. You think goblins look like big, pink chickens.
105. You consider learning Spanish just to be able to understand the
developers' comments.
106. You spend time assembling lists of indicators that you've been
playing BOD too much.
107. You know exactly where every screenshot was taken.
108. You actually discuss the pros and cons of major and minor combos.
109. You're ready, waiting and actually anxious for The Chaos Child's
inevitable return.
110. You think goblins taste like chicken.