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Gladiator Mod for Severance: Blade of Darkness, programmed by Josh Dahlby

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How To Use
Known Issues
Possible future additions
Legal Stuff


Gladiator is a mod in which you, the player, are pitted against numerous
different monsters whos only goal is to eviscerate you. As you hack and slash
your way through the monsters, you will gain experience and rise in levels,
gaining more advanced weapons and armor, and at the same time facing
increasingly deadlier opponents.

Are you skilled enough to kill your opponents, or are you just another
victim of the arenas?


* Play increasingly harder enemies.

* Fight against the Amazon, Barbarian, Dwarf and Knight.

* Fight the Salamander, which wasn't surfaced in the single player game.

* A score board keeps track of your progress

* Specify which enemies you do and do not want to fight. Then when you enter
the arena, only the enemies you've selected will show up.

* You can listen to your own music while playing

* You can add custom levels to be used in Gladiator. If you are designing
a level and want to add Gladiator support, look at sample.glad for
instructions on how to do it.


BODLoader is a mod that installs and manages mods. You will need to install
the BODLoader before using Gladiator. You can get the current version from

BoD\ = Blade Of Darkness directory.

1. Create the directory BoD\BODLoader\Mods\gladiator

2. Unzip the into the BoD\BODLoader\Mods\gladiator directory

3. Launch BoD and use BODLoader to install Gladiator.

How To Use:

Locate the Gladiator menu in the BODLoader menu structure. The Menu
choices under Gladiator are:

This lists all your current characters. Select one and press
ENTER to start a game with that character.

This allows you to create new character.

This option allows you to pick which enemies you will be
fighting. Each enemy has a selected frame around it. You
can turn off the selection by selecting the enemy and pressing
ENTER. You will see that the frame changes when you select
or unselect an enemy.

You can also turn off invisible enemies, and specify the maximum
number of simultaneous enemies from this menu.


Specify a directory that contains .MP3 or .WAV files in order
to listen to music during the game. Then while playing Gladiator,
press the MUSIC key to turn the music on ('M' by default). It will
play random selections from the directory.


Keys can be configured in the Keyboard control menu. The text in parenthesis is
the name of the option in the control menu.

J = Starts the round ("Gladiator Start Round")
H = Continue after dying ("Gladiator Respawn")
M = Toggle Music on and off ("Gladiator Toggle Music")
Backspace = Toggle the Score Board on and off ("Arena Scorer")

Known Issues:

* Some MP3 files do not play in the music selection.
* If you want to use HeadMatrix, you must have the HeadMatrix 0.3 or higher.


* Pushing the totem pole on Kashgar endless loop.
* Great Demon doesn't use all of its potential attacks.

Possible future additions:

* Add the rest of the single player levels to the map selection.
* Revamp scoring system to be gold, and add a store so that you purchase
upgrades rather than be granted them.


* You will now get more simultaneous enemies after level 20.
* Fixed a crash bug dealing with leveling up when a ChaosKnight was around.
* Music will now randomly play selections without intervention.

* Fixed the "Gates of Karum" and "Castle of doom" levels.

* Updated Spanish translation text.

* There is no longer a delay when stopping or starting music.
* Player level no longer raises to match the enemies. If you select a
Minotaur and you are level 1, you will now fight the Mino at level 1.
* Player health is now saved with the player. You will now start with
the same health that you quit with. Including being dead.
* You can now play with the single player characters. To do this, load a
game, then go into the Gladiator menu and start a Gladiator round with
the '<Current' character. This character does not save like other
characters. It is mainly so you can practice with your current single
player character.
* Score board toggle ('Backspace') now toggles through turning off entire
* You can now configure the keys.
* Removed sounds from 'Casa' level.

* Fixed a problem loading custom maps.

* Added random spawning positions. This allows the enemies to spawn in a random
position close to the player, so it doesn't require the map to specify every
single point. This should allow Gladiator to work on much larger maps.
* Added Casa and Kashgar maps.
* Eliminated the need for maps to have separate .lvl files for gladiator and normal.
* Fixed problems with using some custom map scripts.

* Added hook for setting the position of the enemy. Set GladCfg.positionFunc
to your own method and return a position.
* Fixed a problem generating too few enemies. (Set # to 2, and only get 1.)
* Fixed a problem generating enemies when you picked enemies that are lower
than your level.
* Fixed problems with the Dwarf bot. He should be much more challenging now.
* Now requires BODLoader.

* Bot skins are now randomized between all available skins.
* Fixed problem where player experience is reset to level 1.
* Fixed a problem selecting a player from the player list.

* Added ability for custom maps to specify weapon spawn position
* Added ability for custom maps to exclude enemies
* Fixed a problem where saving could overwrite the wrong character
* Fixed armor mesh for single player skins
* Put a workaround in for unreachable enemies. If you run into an enemy
that can't be reached press the Start Round key ('J') to clean them up.
It will only clean up enemies that cannot see you.
* Fixed actions that cause you to move when dead.

* Added support for the BODLoader
* Added enemy configuration to turn off invisible enemies
* Added enemy configuration to specify the max number of simultaneous enemies
* Player information is now saved
* Adjusted the enemy weapons slightly
* Added Spanish support
* Added a point score
* Decreased death penalty from 20% to 5%
* Fixed unlikely problem generating player weapons
* Map now gets cleaned up if there are too many dead enemies, this should solve
the slow down problem.
* Fixed problem with Ice Golem

* Added support for custom maps

* Bots now use one of the multi-player skins
* If you use a skin other than the default, it will no longer get changed when
you gain armor. You do still get the defensive bonus.
* Fixed Volcano's Hell spawn point that was too close to the edge.
* Random shields and weapons will no longer pick items that are too low to
do damage or block damage.
* Added invisible creatures. There is now a small chance that an attacker will
be invisible.
* Zombie_Knight doesn't spawn until level 4. Lich only spawns at a level equal
to the player until the player reach level 4. This is because they have
so many hit points, and it is boring to fight them on lower levels.
* Fixed F1 screens.
* Added penalty when you die.
* Fixed texture issues.
* Fixed resource loading during combat.
* Adjusted weapons and armor that bots get so they can do damage at higher
* Gave a shield to Amazon and Barbarian when they have the QueenSword
* Added Credits screen
* Added Loading screens

* Added Barbarian, Amazon, Dwarf and Knight to the enemy list.

* Possibly fixed the install issue. (Thanks Masklin!)
* Fixed problems playing music.

* Fixed problem with VenomHammer when playing the dwarf.
* Added enemy selection menu, and readded the Dark Ork because of this.
* Added music, still needs work though.
* You now face the new weapon on level up.
* Fixed more crashes related to dusting. I think I finally got them all. We
shall see...
* Player now stops animation when they die.
* You can now see immediately if you press 'H' after falling off a cliff.

* Added a score board. Press backspace to toggle it on and off.
* Added Gladiator "Text" window. Press F1 and go to the "Text" page.
* Fixed crash related to dusting the Zombie_Knight
* Fixed crash related to hitting a dead enemy
* Fixed crash related to dusting enemies twice

* Fixed continue when you fall off a cliff
* Fixed a 1% chance that no enemy would spawn.
* Fixed crashes related to dusting bodies.
* Shield pieces now get cleaned up.
* You are now invincible for a short period when you continue after dying.
* Picking up Dal Gurak's weapons doesn't crash now
* Fixed problem where you get stuck in an enemy when you continue after dying.
* "Special" screen now shows up in the F1 screen.
* Removed the "Kill Selected" key.
* Fixed crash related to dusting a Great Demon
* Dal Gurak now fights you appropriately.

* Multiple enemies now get generated.
* Fix problems related to not detecting enemy deaths.
* It no longer pauses after every kill. It will still pause every once and awhile,
but not as often.
* Added Ragnar, Salamander, and Ice Golem to the fray
* Fixed problem where switching weapons crashed.

* F1 now works in the arena.
* You now select the desired level rather than it being random.
* You can now continue when you die.
* Just about everything is cleaned off the map when you start a new round.
Be sure to pick up things you need before starting the round.
* You are now granted a new weapon each level.

* Added Armor bonuses at different levels.
* Remove weapons and shields from the battle field. Currently, they get removed
if they are not one of your class weapons.
* Now you start in 1 of 5 maps. It is random on which one you start in.
* Added a couple sounds.

* Intial Version -- Well, there was also a test version, but who's counting



Josh Dahlby (

Web Site:

Josh Dahlby
Blade Mods (

Initial Web Site: (this site is down now)
Bladex (


Ken "Led Zephyr" Morrison (Text and Loading Screens)


Carbon (For the excellent intro paragraph)
Josh Dahlby (For everything else you read here... )


Masklin (Spanish)

Thanks to:

Rebel Act and Codemasters (for producing such an excellent game!!!)

Masklin (for his technical answers and for the BODLoader)

Everyone that has given me suggestions and bug reports.

Legal Stuff:

Severance and all its respective elements are copyright 2001 by Rebel Act
Studios and Codemasters. This mod is in no way official and is in no
way endorsed by either Rebel Act Studios or Codemasters.

Use at your own risk.

Severance graphics files copyright Rebel Act Studios 2001 modified by Ken "Led Zephyr" Morrison