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Updated October 18, 2005



GAMES BROWSER for Severance: Blade of Darkness

 - v0.4 programmed by Josh Dahlby

 - v0.6: modifications by Bigtruck, October 18, 2005


                         Version 0.6                      DOWNLOAD  


This mod adds an internet game browser to Blade.  Blade allows you to
play games over TCP/IP (the protocol used to talk over the internet).  If
there is no game browser, then you have to get your IP address, give it to 
someone else, start a game and then wait for them to connect.  Services
like GameSpy offer support for pulling together this type of thing.  Blade
was supposed to support GameSpy with the patch, but it has yet to be added.
So, I wrote this to help us Blade fans along.  Enjoy...


This MOD requires BODLoader 0.5 or higher in order to be used.  If you haven't 
already installed the BODLoader, you will need to do that before continuing.  
You can get the current version of BODLoader from the above URL (DOWNLOAD).

If you have an previous version of GameBrowser, uninstall it and re-install
with the new one.

BoD\ = Blade Of Darkness directory.

1.  Create the directory BoD\BODLoader\Mods\browser

2.  Unzip the into the BoD\BODLoader\Mods\browser directory

3.  Launch BoD and use BODLoader to install the Game Browser mod.

To Use:

If you are starting a server, then just go through the normal operation of
starting the server, the mod will register your ip address with the game

When joining games, you will notice an extra menu item in the Join Game
menu called "Game Browser".  Selecting that menu item will grab a list
of ip address that are currently running.  Picking one will take you back 
to the Join Game menu where you can then "Search" for games on that server.

* Show ping times
* Show more info about the server.

Version Notes:

* Now works with more than one arena, opened by many players. Web scripts
  in PHP are full operationnal.
* Rewritten to connect with Bigtruck's site. Temporally works with only
  one arena opened.
* fixes the problem when spaces in the name of the arena.

* Fixes problems registering bogus games.
* Fixes all problems leaving games registered when the game doesn't exist.

* Now requires BODLoader 0.5 to work.
* Registers and shows the Arena Name now.

* Dedicated servers are now supported
  (Must be using BODLoader 0.5 or higher for this to work.)
* Server now gets unregistered when the 'Exit' menu is used from within Arena.
  (Must be using BODLoader 0.5 or higher for this to work.)
* Fixed a problem registering the incorrect IP address if you have multiple 
  network cards.

* Disconnecting now unregisters the server.

* Initial Version

Legal Stuff: 

Severance and all its respective elements are copyright 2001 by Rebel Act 
Studios and Codemasters.  This mod is in no way official and is in no 
way endorsed by either Rebel Act Studios or Codemasters.  

Use at your own risk.