Official Patches & Resources

3dgamers: patches, editor & Demo  
fileplanet patches, Demo & media  
Codemasters outdated but has some media (wallpapers etc)  

Game Editting Resources

Josh Mods, maps, editting and development info  
Copperman LED tutorials, fighting tips  
TPTP's site Mods and resources  
NightHawk LED tutorials, mods & walkthroughs  
DaveG Hi-res textures for BoD level designers    
LED tutorials Tutorials for LED  
Bbodarena editting information & general discussion  
Blade resources LED editting resources    
kk3d custom skyboxes    

Third party Mods & maps

Bigtruck Mods/maps & a lot of stuff    
Rampage Mods/maps & a lot of stuff  
Prospero's Site mods & maps  
Crawdaddy mods, maps and reviews  
Crawdaddy #2mods and maps  
Jolaes(in Hungarian) mods & maps. Be sure to check both pages  
Rampage #2   
Tontonfranky mods & maps  
Moria mod  
brian mods & maps 
Templargfx's Blood/Wall Collision Mod Tonnes of blood and a well implimented weapon collison system.
BloodMod2p Limpiacobarde's greatly improved blood mod. The blood effects are the best yet..
McGuyver's site in Czech Rep... for our friends in East Europa .

General info, walkthru's, misc...

Heresy walkthru a guide for the map  
neoseeker BoD forum  
Phileosophos General info, supportFAQ, tips etc  
Jorge Arredondo General Info and background story    
Order of Ianna general info and media  
Blade universe General info and media  
DamnX walkthroughs, tips  
Screenshots includes 3 Xbox pics  
Gelkehraz a long-dead mod  
Game ranking reviews & scores for our favourite game  
Metacritic Another bunch of reviews. Intersting to note the perfect scores from ordinary gamers  

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