NEW CHARACTER TUTORIAL  by TPTPT                                                                      December 2005

Build the Skeleton page6

Create new members

Select the object called Center

Click on modify tool

Click on Attach

Select the object called belt_g and clik on pick

Select Do not modify mat IDs or Material !

Click again on attach to quit the function !

 Select the R_Arm and attach rsho_g

Select the L_Arm and attach lsho_g

Select the Head and attach neck_g

Now you should have only this object called like this in the selection window


Make a save file

Create new parts

Make a save file As HobgolinSkl

Select the R_Hand and Clone it

Choose Copy not instance or reference !

Rename the copy as R_Ass


Modify panel click on Sub_Object

Stay in vertex mode and used the cursor to select the down vertex and supress them



 Unselect the Sub_Object tool and make like the next picture


Make a save file