NEW CHARACTER TUTORIAL  by TPTPT                                                                      December 2005

Textures page4

Add the textures

Click on Material editor button

Select the thirst bubble and click on the square near Diffuse !

A new window appear , Click on Bitmap and OK !

You are back to the material editor , Click on the square near Bitmap !

Chose the Bmp texture of your model ( for example Hob_m01_belt.bmp )and press OK

Save the texture

Rename the Material#1 by for example : Hob_m01_belt  and press OK

VERY IMPORTANT Use the flecha and reselect  Hob_m01_belt , if you do not that you will risk have no texture appear in the game !

Copy the texture to 12 bubble , Click on the thirst and slip to the other ( for get the same directory of the material , more speed )

Now you have Change the name of the other texture one by one .

 Don't forget to save the texture



  Apply Textures


Select the texture bubble corresponding to the part of your model you want to apply and slip them on the object , for example Hob_m01_sho be apply on rsho_g and lsho_g

If you don't know witch texture apply to an object , select the object click on Edit /Properties

this window appear

When you apply a material on object ,it change color

Apply full material

Make render Vue : select a window vue and clic on render