NEW CHARACTER TUTORIAL  by TPTPT                                                                      December 2005

List of the STEP page1

Get the good size for new character page2

    Load Size Ref file page2

    Import your creation page2

    Adjust Size page2

    Prepare the structure  page3

    Textures page4

            Add the textures

            Apply Textures

    Build the Skeleton

        Rename objects page5

        Create new members page6

        Used Chiliskiner for rebuild skeleton page7

        Link skeleton  page8

       Orientation of menbers page9

        Create Anchor page10

       Orientation of Anchor page11

        Link Anchor page12 

Finalise the character

        Group Skeleton page13

        Add Skin group page14

        Add Mutilations group page15

        Finalise your character page16

        Test your new Character page17

        Check the structure page18

More Adjusting

Add Edge for natural weapon page19

Add some zone of blood / mutilation

        Create Smoothing surface group