The Author's pages

Updated March 05, 2006


 This page presents the differents authors of the stuffs you find in this site.

They write here their own comments about their work.


If you are an author and you want to add your personnal page, or your personnal comments about your work, send me a message and I will create a special subdomain for you, with a direct access by FTP and a password.

You will upload yourself all the pages you want, as long as they concern the subject of this site.

If you have not a FTP Client, send me only the text and I'll create myself a special page for you.

Your address will be:       

I wish to precise that this site is non commercial, it is dedicated to the large community of the fans of Blade Of Darkness, players and modders. Click now on each of the links below to discover the dark side of mapping !!


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