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This site is dedicated to this great game for PC, edited by

and created by:

In these pages you will find a lot of maps, mods, patches and tools to play with the customized new levels made by players, with the level editor LED EDITOR  .
I encourage everyone who read these pages, to try making a new level with these tools. It's not so difficult as it looks, and it's a great pleasure to play this game on one's own maps (even if it is only a simple room!) instead of waiting for the others making a new map (not true?).
If you need help, no not hesitate to mail me !

BLADE OF DARKNESS:                  Presentation

Without any doubt, it is one of the best games to fight in melee combats. More than 100  weapons are available to play, a lot of various attacks and combos, more than 20 races to fight... The fabulous dynamic lights effects with amazing shadows will surround you in a surrealist feodal atmosphere !


VIDEO  ( official intro of the game )

VIDEO  ( Combats on line in multiplayers mode ! )


At leat 30 Authors from many countries presents you here,  thousands of hight quality work, I wish to thank all of them a lot  for their permission to put their work on my site.

So here are now, all the stuff this site proposes to you:

First of all, you must download   BODLoader    and  install it in your game. This essential program is an extension for the original game and has been made especially to load and play with all these new files.

After that, I hightly recommend you to install the excellent    GLADIATOR    mod, to play with all the maps that have been disigned for this mod.

... And now, ...

THE MAPS: They are free to dowload but please, respect the copyrights, these authors earn the respect from all the players! You will find here, simple gladiators maps (areas in where you only fight monsters), and whole entire worlds too where you will have a long and funny travel.

THE MODS: These files are, in fact, various programs that add very usefull functions in your game. They can be simple tools or entire great new levels too!

THE TOOLS: In this page are all the tools to make new maps. The level editor with a tool box, some excellent tutorials, a software to make some new 3D models and two very good emulators of the famous programmable calculators HP41 and TI59 (for those who were student in the 80's... like me).

MY OWN STUFF: the map EMPIRE is a very large map, in beta test version for the moment, but playable. I have still some scripts to do, to add some enemies, puzzles and special effects. So stay tuned! The map KENNEL is a little joke, but it is playable too in gladiator mode.

WALKTHROUGH : If you are stuck in the game...

PLAY ONLINE : Get here your IP if you don't know it... and play with a real player !

THE CHEATS page: Some peoples say that it's not good to cheat, and so on.... However, editing the python files and writing the cheat codes are, in fact, the first steps before being able to do some new mods (I began like that!). And from my point of view, making new stuffs is the most interesting thing in this game. The Python files can be edited, so don't hesitate to try!

SCREENSHOTS : some very beautiful screenshots.

40 GREAT WALLPAPERS: all in Hight Resolution, edited by Codemasters.

THE AUTHORS: This page is for the authors who made all these stuffs you can download on the site.

INTERVIEWS: the comments of the developpers of this game, rare documents...  must read !

FORUMS: These very active forums allows you to have some good contacts with the others players !

COOL LINKS: Some intersting links about BOD.

GUEST BOOK: Don't forget to write some words or to ask your questions in the GUEST BOOK, it would help me to improve these pages ! The others visitors will read them and I'll answer in english or french, depending on your speaking langage. THANK YOU - Bigtruck.